Enter Enterpreno

Emails, contacts, calendars, documents, tasks, newsletters, etc. is also available elsewhere, but nowhere as practically, simply and elegantly linked to a whole as at Enterpreno - everything is connected to each other.

Your advantage: You have a solution that works without you having to worry about anything - everything is automatically structured and organized so that you have it always.


For your companyEmail management

With Enterpreno you have all your companies e-mails at your fingertips.

  • All emails are automatically archived, organised and can be found immediately

  • All email accounts can be viewed at a glance

  • General inbox folders are visible to everyone

  • Confidential emails (including senders) are invisible to others

  • You can adjust the authorisations for inboxes at any time

  • Unanswered emails are a thing of the past

  • Processed emails are automatically hidden and sorted

  • All data is secured on 100% European servers and GDPR compliant

  • etc.

For your companyContact management

With Enterpreno you manage your contacts linked to other integrated features

  • Quickly create new contacts and link them to parent groups

  • Link contacts according to your criteria

  • See all connected and linked contacts immediately

  • Only synchronize the contacts on your smartphone that you actually want

  • Tag contacts with customizable keywords (segmentation tags)

  • Send newsletters to your selected contacts

  • etc.

For your companyCalendar

With Enterpreno you have access to all calendars and can combine them with other Enterpreno features.

  • All company calendars are accessible at your selection

  • Creating new appointments for yourself and others at any time

  • You can accept, decline, etc.

  • You can invite for meetings

  • You can combine appointments with other calendars

  • You can use the calendar in combination with other Enterpreno features

  • etc.

For your companyDocument management

With Enterpreno all your company documents are accessible everywhere at any time

  • You have constant access to all of your company's documents (doc., xls., ppt., pdf. etc.)

  • You can easily work with all documents (e.g. send them via your Enterpreno email account)

  • Documents can be assigned to contacts and appointments

  • Your employees also have access to the documents

  • Only authorised persons can see confidential documents

  • General documents can be stored in the generally accessible document storage

  • etc.

For your companyTask management

With Enterpreno you coordinate all tasks and assignments to fully track and control them

  • You create new tasks and assign them to your colleagues or groups

  • You control the current progress of the created tasks

  • etc.

For your companyNewsletter

With Enterpreno you send newsletters to selected contacts and receive precise information about your customers' interests.

  • Send newsletters and informations to your contacts and groups by attributes

  • Send follow-ups to your newsletters

  • It is documented for you whether your emails been viewed, clicked on and even how often

  • etc.

For your company Extra-Find

With Enterpreno you can find everything that has ever been filed in a fraction of a second, the extra of an extra solution.

  • Extremely fast search results in all folders, groups, documents and contacts.

  • With keywords, tags, etc. (without additional marking of the files)

  • etc.

For Your Enterprise

Enterpreno was started in 2010 as a project by the Austrian TECTA and has been marketed as organizational software since 2018 to simplify, accelerate and make everyday life easier for companies.

Today Enterpreno is used by over 100 European customers and further developed in cooperation with universities - a practical office solution that is unique in this form, a CRM-light tool that simply works and the best SaaS service for everyone who doesn't know exactly , which means SaaS, but want professional results.

Look forward to your success.